Deakin to be the sole provider of education services to the Australian War College, Command and Staff Course.


From 2023, Deakin University will be the sole academic provider to the Australian War College. This article makes the following points:

The Australian Command and Staff Course is a 46-week residential course for mid-career military officers and selected Australian Public Servants. 

The course prepares selected officers and officials for command and staff appointments in integrated, joint and single-Service environments at the O5 and O6 levels.

The curriculum encourages students to enhance their critical thinking skills and apply them to create innovative solutions to various problems.

The course also enables students to build enduring networks with other military professionals.

Graduates of the course achieve a 'pass' qualification.

However, some students have the opportunity to be awarded graduate qualifications up to a Master of Military and Defence Studies.


Australian Defence College, Australian Command and Staff Course

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