Most cyber-security specialists agree that password managers are the most secure way to protect your passwords—this article explains how Password Managers work and the risks in using them.


The best Password Managers (PM) secure passwords by;

Using a PM does not eliminate risk. You need to be aware that;

  • Keeping all your details in one place is a single source of failure.
  • It's not always possible to have a secure backup.
  • Security of your device is still critically important.
  • Biometric authentication is an excellent additional level of protection.
  • Not all PMs are great.
  • Do not forget your master password.

 Some of the risks belong to the PM, but the most risks rest with the user.

There are three types of PM bases;

  1. Browser.
  2. Cloud.
  3. Desktop.

hacker is unlikely to get your passwords from a PM due to the PM's local encryption and zero-knowledge policy.

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