Low unemployment in the United States makes it difficult for the Army to attract young people entering the workforce. However, General James McConville, US Army Chief of Staff, said the Army would not be lowering its standards.


This article by Jonathan Ahl, writing for St. Louis Public Radio, makes the following points:
  • With less than three months left in its recruiting year, the Army has signed up only 40 per cent of the recruits it needs.
  • General McConville said the Army was currently in a war for 'talent' with civilian companies also trying to fill their ranks.
  • The recruitment problem is the number of enlistment-age people who can't meet the Army's standards
  • According to the Pentagon, more than 70 per cent of 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible for the military because they are overweight, undereducated or have criminal records.


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