A new COVID-19 vaccination campaign is trying to eliminate the complacency being shown by many Australians regarding the pandemic.


The Australian Government has embarked on a new advertising campaign to push home the message that getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the only way to stop the virus from spreading. The campaign is being released on social media, billboards, TV, print and radio. The new campaign shows ordinary Australians revealing bandaids on their arms after getting immunised. The ads urge Australians to 'arm yourself'. However, the Federal Opposition has criticised the campaign, saying:

  • The ads are 'lacklustre'.
  • The ads don't 'cut it'.
  • The designers 'need to go back to the drawing board'.

However, with only about 11 per cent of the population fully vaccinated, the Government believes that these advertisements are of critical importance in overcoming the complacency of some Australians. The head of the Commonwealth's vaccine task force, Lieutenant General John Frewen, said the campaign would be adapted over time and translated into various languages to reach those who may not speak English.