A new market is emerging in Australia, with sales of alcohol-free beer, wine, and spirits doubling in the past 12 months.


New data from the Endeavour Group claims a 100 per cent increase in sales of alcohol-free beverages in just one year. Backing those claims are alcohol-free beer makers and a new cocktail bar in Melbourne that caters purely for non-alcoholic drinkers. Andy Miller, the co-founder of a non-alcoholic craft beer company, said his business was doubling production of non-alcoholic beer almost every month to keep up with demand. Author Jill Stark stopped drinking two years ago and documented her journey in her book High Sobriety. She believes the non-alcoholic trend shows Australia is simply catching up with the rest of the world. Stark said Australia's drinking culture was one in which we used alcohol to celebrate, commiserate and everything in between. She stated that:

    'I think it's a trend that will continue to build (non-alcoholic drinks); I can see it in my own social circles,'