According to a new study, introducing bright and green colours into our cities can make people happier and calmer—this also applies to virtual cities, cities that only exist online.


This article by Fermin Koop, writing for ZME Science, makes the following points:
  • Previous studies have shown that the exposition of nature to city-dwellers can dramatically improve well-being.
  • Crowds, noise pollution and drab, grey buildings found in cities can take a toll on people.
  • Using virtual reality simulations, researchers from the University of Lille in France examined the effects of colourful, urban environments on city-dwellers.
  • The study confirmed that urban vegetation was more pleasant than urban concrete environments. 
  • It also found that walking speed decreased in urban vegetation compared to urban concrete, suggesting green urban settings can have a positive effect.
  • The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Virtual Reality.


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