According to the recent Defence Strategic Update 2020, despite Covid-19 limitations, the Australian government plans to grow the defence budget by 87.4% over the coming decade.


The 2020 Defence Strategic Update (2020 DSU) and 2020 Force Structure Plan—though not a White Paper—makes some crucial adjustments to the Defence White Paper 2016 (DWP 16). ASPI notes that despite Covid-19 and growing budget deficits, the Australian government confirms the funding in the DWP 16 will continue, and be further extended. The threat level identified in 2016 has increased significantly, and our region is in the middle of a significant strategic realignment. As a result of the VUCA strategic environment, the defence budget is planned to grow by 87.4% over the next decade. Bringing into focus why all airmen need to lean-in to learning at a broader level. Although Australia's Air Force is likely to receive funding for Boeing’s Loyal Wingman, funding of other autonomous systems, and any additional fighters beyond our Air Force's current seventy-two F-35As, will not be made available until later in the decade.


Image Used: File:RAAF pilot preparing for first F-35 flight in 2015.jpg  - Wikimedia Commons