This article suggests five steps to getting over being the target of a mean, rude or downright nasty personal attack.


If you have been the recipient of a verbal tirade, consider taking these five steps before you react.

Find Acceptance. People act unfairly, drivers do stupid things, and co-workers upset us. Sometimes people are like that. Accept that the score won't be even, despite our desire for revenge. 

Redefine "Winning". Retaliating is unlikely to make you feel better.  Brush it off and get back to enjoying your day.

Release Regret. We often think of the best comeback after the incident. Let go of Regret and accept that we're just not skilled at being unkind.

Observe Your Anger. It's pointless to keep dwelling on the incident. Your reactions have a life of their own. So don't let them take over.

Own Your Happiness. Other people don't determine your happiness. Nothing outside ourselves has the final say in whether we're OK.


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