Electric scooters are appearing in most major urban centres and are now being given the technology to identify pedestrians.


Because of Covid-19, many people working in urban centres want to avoid other people. The e-scooter is an effective way to avoid public transport. It is possibly also an environmentally friendly way to get around. However, as e-scooters grow in popularity, crashes are becoming more frequent see: Despite high injury rates, 80% of e-scooter riders refuse to wear helmets. Worth also noting the following from the USA, Electric Scooter Accidents Are Spiking Nationwide. However, to make E-Scooters safer, manufacturers are beginning to use the sort of technology used in modern cars. Such technology involves using a system of cameras and sensors that will help riders to better respond to the environment. Pictures and videos of pedestrians are being used to enable e-scooters to learn how to avoid pedestrians. Some cities such as Canberra are already bringing out their own guide to e-scooter safety. Think how e-scooters might benefit the ADF, for instance, could they be used to get around large bases?