The US needs to engage in new ways with its Indo-Pacific Allies to maintain regional stability.



The Indo-Pacific is no longer a benign security environment. The authors argue that the new US National Defense Strategy, due in 2022, provides an opportunity to strengthen its alliances across the Pacific. Perhaps Australia, Japan and Korea could collaborate to develop more effective weapon systems. Whilst the US' relative power is in decline, their continued military power is required to help secure the region. Efforts for a networked defence could include more joint training exercises in our north that bring together Australian, US and Southeast Asian countries. Noting Australia's future participation in Quad maritime exercises, what else can Australia do to strengthen its alliances across the Indo-Pacific region?


Image Used: File:U.S. Marines with Marine Rotational Force – Darwin and Australian Army soldiers train together during Exercise Crocodile Strike 150826-M-HL954-029.jpg  - Wikimedia Commons