William Leben writing for ASPI's Strategist argues that currently, there is a debate between those who think Australia needs an armoured land component and those who are sceptical about the future utility of tanks.


This article by William Leben, writing for ASPI, makes the following points:
  • Australia needs to develop and implement innovative concepts for its land force. 
  • Such a debate is essential regardless of where one stands on the future of armour.
  • A decision on Australia's tank fleet will be made later this year. 
  • Former major generals Jim Molan and Adam Findlay and other Army officers have been vocal in advocating for armoured capabilities.
  • Tank advocates argue that tanks and armoured vehicles are essential building blocks of 'combined arms' approaches to warfighting.
  • The other camp can be dubbed 'sceptics', and ASPI has provided a platform for many of their arguments.


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Source: Strategist (ASPI)