This article notes that some experts claim that Australia needs to speed up its shift to electric vehicles.


Despite being one of the world's leaders in renewable energy research and innovation, Australia's vehicle emission standard is still based on the European Emission Standard five, which is now over a decade old. Joint Director of UNSW Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets, Associate Professor Iain MacGill, says Australia has moved to support clean electricity initiatives but hasn't yet made a serious effort to address transport-related emissions. He argues that:

The transport sector is one of the continuing growth areas of Australia's emissions profile.

Due to the number of petrol-fuelled sports utility vehicles and twin cab utes being purchased, the average fuel efficiency of Australian cars in total is going backwards.

In 2020, less than one-per-cent of new cars bought in Australia were electric vehicles (EVs). That compares with more than four per cent globally and nearly 75 per cent in Norway.

There's a lot to learn from how other countries have successfully adopted EVs. However, Katelyn Purnell, whose research has explored electric vehicles, says Australia needs to think bigger: 

'Beyond initiatives such as reducing upfront capital costs, subsidies, or access to special lanes, (Norway) signalled to the market that they were serious about this and there was no going back.'


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