Timothy Edgar argues that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shattered many illusions regarding cyberwar—for example, offensive cyber-operations are no substitute for effective cybersecurity.


This article by Timothy H. Edgar, writing for The National Interest, makes the following points:
  • Cyberwar strategists have described cyberconflict as asymmetric warfare that puts advanced societies at a strategic disadvantage. 
  • Cyberattacks are relatively easy, while defence is hard and can be expensive.
  • The United States has potential enemies who possess the skills to launch cyberattacks against the USA.
  • Meanwhile, US political and economic culture is hostile to the regulation needed to stop data breaches and make networks safe.
  • As predicted, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was preceded by cyberattacks
  • So far, Ukrainian cyberdefence—with help from allies—has defeated Russian cyberattacks and exposed the weaknesses in Russia’s heavily offence-based cyberwar strategy.


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