A new Coalition government headed by Olaf Scholz has big plans for Germany,


Germany is about to have a change of Government following 16 years in which Angela Merkel led the Government. The new German Government headed by Olaf Scholtz will be a coalition of three parties—the Social Democrats, the Free Democrats and The Greens. This is what the new Government plans for Germany:

Making Germany climate neutral by 2045. This involves phasing out coal 'ideally' by 2030 and making solar energy compulsory on the roofs of new commercial buildings. As well, the 16 states will have to provide 2 per cent of their area for wind power.

Minimum wages are to rise.

More apartments are to be built to tackle Germany's housing crisis.

The voting age will be lowered from 18 to 16. 

Immigrants will be able to apply for German citizenship after five years. 

A Covid crisis team will be set up at the chancellery to focus on dealing with the pandemic. 

The parties want 'to raise Europe's strategic sovereignty' but maintain Germany's relationship with the US and its membership of the NATO alliance.

The ban on doctors advertising that they carry out abortions will be lifted.

Germany's no-new-debt rule was lifted to address the COVID-19 crisis, but by 2023, the Coalition intends to bring back the debt brake, as enshrined in Germany's constitution.


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