Most people enjoy making close relationships at work, but COVID-19 has changed the work environment, which has made it harder to maintain those relationships.


Because working from home seems to be the new normal, many people report their relationships with colleagues have deteriorated or become more distant. Friendship and belonging are fundamental human needs, and work is the primary place you make and maintain friendships. There are three reasons for this:

You spend a lot of time at work.

You tend to work with people who have similar interests or styles.

Work tends to drive meaningful interaction, providing a basis for friendship.

Great friendships are made up of emotional support, caring for others, and feeling trusted and secure. So how can you build great relationships with colleagues?

Accept others. When you accept the flaws of those around you, you’ll have more robust and more satisfying relationships overall.

Be Trusting and Trustworthy. Trust is reciprocal, so the more you trust others and demonstrate trustworthiness, the better the relationship tends to get.

Emphasize Commonalities. Even when there are differences between you and your co-workers, try to emphasize common goals and shared interests.

Grow together. Another element of great relationships is when people support each other’s goals for growth and development. 

Share Power. A fundamental human need is the reality and perception of fairness. 

Friendships at work can be one of the most significant rewards that we can get from our jobs. Of course, pay, benefits, and the opportunity to contribute to something meaningful are also part of the work equation, but feeling connected is a primary element of happiness.


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