There are plenty of known unkowns in Putin’s invasion of Ukraine but the national interest is to keep things from spiralling out of control. It’s difficult to establish a relationship with Russia due to a new strategic reality including cyber.


This article by Sean Illing from Vox makes the following points:

  • For the first time since 1945, a major war is possible between nuclear-armed military superpowers.
  • Previously, if a state was going to invade another, it needed an internationally plausible reason.
  • Putin has overturned this.
  • Many European and non-European countries are reassessing their foreign policy and defence spending.
  • The fate of the global order is uncertain.
  • Post the Cold War; any neighbouring state could join NATO except Russia.
  • Russia feels threatened by NATO and doesn’t want any NATO-Ukraine cooperation.
  • Cyber competition between the US and Russia threatens the freedom to travel, the economy and world ‘openness’.
  • In a significant move, Finland and Sweden are talking about joining NATO.


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