Our natural curiosity and desire to learn might be enhanced using the 3x3x3 formal learning strategy.


An effective intentional learner knows what they want to learn and why. Defence invests in providing learning opportunities to improve our workplace, professional and personal skills. It up to individuals to transform learning into capability. Applying the principles of continual learning, growth and achieving development goals, Lisa Christensen, Jake Gittleson and Matthew Smith of McKinsey Consulting have developed the 3x3x3 Model of intentional Learning. The 3x3x3 Model is about:

  • Identifying specific knowledge or skills for learning.
  • Creating an effective learning process.

Reinforcing and transforming learning into an effective process through engaging people and practices.The 3x3x3 Model can be readily integrated into Part Two of the Personnel Performance Report (PPR). The 3x3x3 challenge, currently not prescribed within the PPR, is to engage both supervisors and others in the workplace to transform learning goals. This Model is a robust tool to guide learning for broad development needs, including current trade and professional military education.


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