Many environmentally conscious people consider Lab-grown meat an ethical alternative to conventional meat; no animal is killed, and artificial meat can be modified to make it more nutritious.


This article by Akanksha Singh, writing for News Medical, makes the following points:
  • Lab-grown meat is cultivated through the culture process. 
  • A tissue sample is taken from a live animal, and stem cells are separated from the muscle cells.
  • The stem cells are cultured in a medium that provides the cells with the nutrients needed to multiply and transform into muscle and fat cells, eventually forming meat.
  • Lab-grown meat is produced in a highly controlled environment.
  • The artificial meat is protected from microbes and contamination.
  • Growth hormones that are often used in live animals are unnecessary.
  • One disadvantage is that the current culture medium used contains Foetal Bovine Serum obtained from the blood of a dead calf, which contradicts the slaughter-free label.


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