Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, internet videos have been showing scenes allegedly from the war; and while some videos are genuine, many are not.


This article by Joseph M. Pierre, writing for Psychology Today, makes the following points:
  • Watching a war unfold online exposes us to two significant risks—misinformation and trauma.
  • When we monitor such events on social media, unfiltered, we risk exposing ourselves to propaganda and ‘fake news’ designed to manipulate our emotions.
  • This footage can leave us traumatized by witnessing the real-life horrors of war.
  • We can, and should, safeguard ourselves against misinformation by cross-checking what we see against reliable sources.
  • It’s important to adopt the ‘holy trinity of truth detection’ that is based on three pillars: 
  1. Intellectual humility.
  2. Cognitive flexibility.
  3. Analytical thinking.


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