The ADF has a much higher vaccination rate than other covid-19 high-risk occupations such as those who work in aged care.


The Department of Defence (DoD) states over 40% of ADF members are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. A significantly higher rate than Australia’s aged care workforce, where just 25% have received both doses.  The DoD recently recorded a positive test result at HMAS Cerberus, where the vaccination rate is 80%. Defence prioritises vaccination for personnel with a higher exposure risk, such as those working in frontline healthcare roles, as part of Operation COVID-19 ASSIST or those who are about to be deployed overseas. The DoD notes that getting the  Covid-19 vaccine will become mandatory for all military personnel deployed at home or abroad. Information presented in Parliament from the last round of Senate estimates shows that most ADF vaccinations involved Pfizer. The DoD said it had adjusted its vaccine plan based on the latest advice from Atagi, which recommended the use of Pfizer for those aged under 60 and for those who work in aged care.


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