The James Webb Space Telescope shows that it has the potential to unlock the secrets of dark matter, peer into exoplanets’ atmospheres for signs of life, and find the oldest stars in the universe.


This article by Claire Cameron, writing for Inverse, makes the following points:
  • On Friday, 1 April, NASA revealed that the Webb Telescope had completed stage six of its seven-step set-up process, ahead of schedule.
  • The Webb Telescope team went through weeks of precise adjustments to the telescope’s primary mirror to get to this point.
  • Now, scientists have to wait until the Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) cools to minus 447 degrees Fahrenheit, which will take weeks.
  • Once MIRI cools, the instruments should come fully online, and the telescope will be able to create some of the most accurate and sharp images of the universe ever taken.


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