The Quad Tech Network is an Australian initiative to link think tanks and academic institutions to develop technology collaboration among QUAD members.


Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is trying to link think tanks and universities among QUAD nations. Technology is an important factor in geostrategic competition. DFAT is building Australia’s technological capacity by establishing leadership in the Quad Tech Network, a multilateral approach to partnerships. It aims to: 


  • Bolster cybersecurity.
  • Secure supply chains. 
  • Pursue 5G and beyond technologies.
  • Close the Indo-Pacific digital divide through funding regional digital infrastructure development.
  • Pursue joint research and development, including rare-earth elements processing and space
  • Create a Quad human capital network. 
  • Set up shared computer and data resourcesincluding artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Organise Quad innovation competitions. 

Technology-leading nations influence peace and security having economic, political, and military power, and the ability to shape global norms, particularly setting the ‘rules of the road’ for technology use. Good technology governance ensures the protection of liberal democratic ideals and values. Think about how this initiative might benefit our national security?