Chinese advanced destroyers, silent diesel-electric submarines, and dual-use merchant ships could pose a significant threat to the US and the US's allies and partners.


This article by Brad Lendon from CNN makes the following points:
  • China has the world's largest navy.
  • Its first 'Big Deck' aircraft carrier launched has an electromagnetic catapult-assisted launch system.
  • Potential sinking would damage morale.
Four categories of vessels pose a more significant threat.
Type 055 stealth guided-missile destroyer.
  • 13,000-tons.
  • More powerful than most US, Japanese, and South Korean destroyers.
  • One hundred twelve vertical launch tubes (RAN Hunter Class 32) for anti-ship, hypersonic and long-range land-attack missiles.
Type 039 submarine.
Merchant ferries.
  • Massive merchant fleet quickly convertible to military use.
Maritime militia.
  • At least 122 vessels.
  • Used to harass foreign drilling ships or block foreign fishing boats.


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