This article is based on American workplaces and claims that the number of people working from home will increase—this probably also applies to Australia.


Pre Covid-19, just 5% of people worked from home, however a survey cited in this article predicts that in five years, 37.5% of office work will be done from home. Workers when surveyed claim that they want to work from home for almost fifty per cent of their workday. According to this article, remote work can add 2.4 % in productivity and 1.2 % to overall Gross Domestic Product. However, a great deal of care must be taken regarding productivity increases as some results are based on self-reporting. Higher-income employees can be more effective when working from home. Companies that embrace remote working are able to select from a much bigger pool of potential workers. However, change may be gradual as many companies are still locked into expensive leases in inner-city areas. Do you think it is likely that in the future more ADF personnel are likely to work from home?