This article provides a number of reasons why people might prefer to believe conspiracy theories rather than, the truth the main reason being that—conspiracy theories are more entertaining.


The author Eric Dolan makes the following points:
  • People tend to believe conspiracy theories when they find them entertaining.
  • People who are anxious or uncertain are more likely to believe conspiracy theories.
  • Five studies were conducted relating to conspiracy theories.
  • People were required to read conspiracy theories about the following: 
    1. Notre Dame fire.
    2. The death of Jeffrey Epstein.
    3. A hotly contested election, 
    4. Managers conspiring against their workforce, 
    5. The 9/11 attacks.
  • In each case, people preferred the more entertaining conspiracy theory than the truth.
  • Participants also tended to endorse the more entertaining version of events.
  • Conspiracy theories are very similar to entertaining works of fiction.
  • If a conspiracy theory entertains people, they are more likely to believe that theory.
  • Believing in conspiracy theories is like most social-psychology influenced by a lot of other factors.