One of the results of Covid-19 is that business schools might now need to provide leadership in helping business, in general, to become more socially aware.



The Great Reset is what the World Economic Forum calls 'Adjusting to the COVID-19 world'. 'The Conversation argues that business Schools (and business itself) need to be more aware of their social responsibilities noting that business schools can drive:

  • change management
  • organisational development 
  • human resources and information systems to support working from home
  • improving supply chains, operations and logistics of vaccine distribution
  • scrutinising the integrity and ethics of vaccine testing and roll-outs
  • rebuilding trust with stakeholders
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • governance, leadership and strategy
  • start-up guidance
  • adaptation to technological change

Today the mission of business schools has changed and has started to include governments and other organisations. Business schools—as well as focussing on how businesses can make a profit—also need to focus on the following areas:

  • climate change
  •  ethics and fairness 
  • disruption by digital technologies and artificial intelligence

Consider how the ADF is responding to issues such as 'climate change'.