The author of this article argues that shyness is a strength—not a drawback—and it should not hold you back from being successful.


In this article, journalist Annie Ridout discusses the difficulties she faced growing up as a shy child. Ridout now considers her shyness a strength, not a flaw, and has managed to build a successful career despite her shyness. In her article, Ridout includes some thoughtful quotes from various psychologists including child psychologist Dr Ruth Erskine who argues that society 'over-psychologises' things like shyness. Erskine believes that unless there are some real problems, for example, if the child isn't managing at school—shyness should not be seen as a problem. Ridout concludes her article by saying that instead of carrying her 'shyness' around like 'a shameful little secret', she accepts it as part of her DNA. She says: 

'It's informed many of my life decisions. If I was offered the chance to have it stripped away? No thanks. I'm shy. And proud'.