Christopher Michaelsen opines that the 2022 Russo-Ukraine Conflict parallels events in WW1 and 2—providing Europe with the problem of how to respond.


This article by Christopher Michaelsen, writing for UNSW Newsroom, makes the following points:
  • Most of the free world came together quickly and unshakeably.
  • As welcome as many of these developments are, it is premature to hail them as evidence of fundamental shifts in European politics and security.
  • Despite Putin's seemingly baseless claims and grievances, finding a way out of the current impasse will require listening carefully to what Putin is saying.
  • A possible compromise is that: Russia withdraws all troops, while Ukraine is excluded from any future NATO membership
  • A UN and OSCE peacekeeping mission is deployed to areas over which control is disputed.


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Source: University of NSW (UNSW)