Soon after the WW2 American European Theatre entry , Gen Patton improved the confidence of his soldiers enabling defeat of the Germans but subordinates worried “We knew he was there to win even if he had us killed doing it.”


This article by Kevin M. Hymel in Warfare History Network makes the following points concerning General George S Paton:
  • Commanded the American 2 Corps in the Western desert of North Africa in March 1943.
  • Assumed command after the American defeat at the Battle of Sidi Bou Zid-Kasserine Pass.
  • Other leaders turned the role down.
  • Looked forward to fighting the Desert Fox, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, but the latter had been transferred to Italy.
  • His mission to squeeze the Germans between the British approaching from the south and west.
  • As many German units as possible were to be tied up.
  • Before the battle he addressed his staff. “Gentleman, tomorrow we attack. If we are not victorious, let no one come back alive.” 
  • His first victory came at Gasfa when the Italian defenders withdrew without a fight.
  • He gave a free hand to subordinate Major General Allen who expertly positioned his men and weapons on the battlefield, fought aggressively and achieved victory.


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