Tim Fernandez discusses the advantages of building the next submarine base at Port Kembla.


This article by Tim Fernandez from the ABC makes the following points:

  • Port Kembla, Newcastle and Brisbane are shortlisted potential bases for Australia's nuclear submarines.
  • The ABC understands Wollongong region is the Defence Department's preferred site.
  • It's 20 years since the last major military base was built. 
  • Liberal Senator Fierravanti-Wells says Port Kembla is the "obvious choice".
  • Wollongong has been a nuclear-free city since 1980.
  • Potentially 7,000 direct and indirect jobs and annual $3.2 billion economic benefits. 
  • Port Kembla's advantages are protected deepwater port, easy access to Navy's East Australia Exercise Areaheavy manufacturing base, and skilled workforce.
  • Wherever located, a possible nuclear target.
  • Likely many in the community will be against the project.


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