More than 60 modern and vintage aircraft took to Canberra's skies as part of the Royal Australian Air Force’s 100th birthday celebrations.


To help commemorate the Royal Australian Air Force's (RAAF) 100th birthday, more than 60 RAAF aircraft—both modern and vintage—have conducted crowd-pleasing displays over the Canberra skyline. The celebration marked a century since the formation of the RAAF on 31 March 1921. The Australian Flying Corps (AFC) was the forerunner of the RAAF and operated to good effect during WW1. The flying displays involved in the centenary celebrations included vintage aircraft such as the Spitfire and the extraordinarily rare Lockheed Hudson bomber, all the way up to Australia's latest fighter aircraft, the F-35. The celebrations included Governor-General David Hurley presenting the RAAF with a new regimental flag on behalf of the Queen. Prime Minister Scott Morrison spoke of the sacrifices made by RAAF members, including the thousands who lost their lives during wartime while serving their country.