The US and others are closely monitoring the battle space of the Russo-Ukraine conflict. Of particular interest is the use by Urkarine of loitering munitions (an explosive charge fastened to a drone).


This article by Bruce Jette, writing for Defense News, makes the following points:
  • Loitering munitions are uninhabited aerial systems that place some form of explosive charge onto a drone.
  • Unlike cyber, loitering munitions add kinetic effects—meaning destructive capabilities.
  • Ukrainian forces are avoiding costly battlefield engagements by using their battlespace knowledge to ambush Russian forces.
  • Russian Tanks have generally been designed with side protection and only enough armour on top to deflect fragments from air-burst artillery. 
  • This has not provided sufficient protection, with Russia reportedly losing 600 tanks.
  • The US military has similar vulnerabilities with relatively thin top armour.


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