This Dec 21 ASPI article argues that because it might take until 2040 before Australia acquires nuclear submarines, buying second-hand Japanese submarines might be worth exploring as an interim step.


Bradley Perrett writing for  ASPI’s magazine The Strategist makes the following points reference Australia acquiring second-hand Japanese submarines:
  • The idea of buying second-hand Japanese submarines might prove unworkable, but Australia should still explore the option.
  • Australian nuclear submarines will not be available until at least 2040.
  • In the meantime, Australia is likely to have a severe capability gap.
  • Japanese submarines might be a good option because Australia can acquire them quickly.
  • Japan builds one new Soryu class submarine every year to replace an older Oyashio model.
  • Japanese Oyashio submarines can operate for thirty years, but Japan retires them early.
  • The second hand Oyashios might prove to be more capable than current Collins class models.

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