As of mid-January, five-million Australians had been triple-jabbed—but are they getting the right booster?


With AstraZeneca virtually off the table for most Australians, the choice for the COVID-19 booster comes down to Moderna or Pfizer. So far, research shows that people vaccinated with a third COVID-19 shot have developed a more robust immune response to Omicron than those immunised with just two doses. In addition, the latest UK data shows vaccine effectiveness against symptomatic disease rose to 65-75 per cent, two to four weeks after a booster of either Pfizer or Moderna. So which one should you get? Key points:

In Australia, Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are recommended as booster shots, but you can also opt for the AstraZeneca vaccine if you can't have an mRNA vaccine.

Research has indicated that mixing and matching vaccines (i.e. getting a booster that's different to your first and second doses) could give your immune system a bigger boost.

There is some evidence that you get a slightly higher immune response from the Moderna booster.

UK researchers found that people boosted with Pfizer following two doses of AstraZeneca had antibody levels nearly 25 times higher than controls. 

For those who received a Moderna booster (following AstraZeneca), antibody levels increased 32-fold. 

Among those who had Pfizer for their first two shots, a third Pfizer dose saw antibody levels rise more than eightfold, while those who received a Moderna booster had antibody levels increase 11-fold.

Regardless of the findings, health experts recommend getting whichever vaccine is more readily available right now, rather than being overly concerned about whether it's Moderna or Pfizer.


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