For the first time in almost four years, Australia has reinstalled a dedicated Minister for Cybersecurity—this article argues that Australia faces six significant cybersecurity challenges.


This article by Justin Bassi, Fergus Hanson and Danielle Cave, writing for ASPI, makes the following six points:
  1. The talent pipeline. There are only two options: training more people and increasing skilled migration—the Government should do both.
  2. Measure impact. For example, has mandatory data breach reporting helped?
  3. Focus on the cyber dimensions of AUKUS. The trilateral pact goes much further than defence.
  4. Marshal all relevant instruments of international power to counter malicious cyber actors.
  5. The (cybersecurity) minister should join with the foreign minister to ensure any increase in foreign aid includes significant resources for cyber capacity-building.
  6. The government must set itself up to tackle the challenges of cyber-enabled foreign interference.


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Source: Strategist (ASPI)