This article vindicates why bullying in the workplace—or anywhere—and should never be tolerated.


This article from the Sydney Morning Herald makes the following points:
  • While workplace bullying has nearly always been with us.
  •  A generational shift appears to be taking place where bullying will never be tolerated.
  • Bullying and abuse of power are increasingly being called out.
  • The result of bullying is tragically portrayed through the case of Brodie Padlock
  • Co-workers personally criticised Brodie. 
  • Before long, they were physically abusing her. 
  • The owner turned a blind eye. 
  • Brodie ended up taking her own life.
  • In 2011 the Victorian government introduced Brodie’s Law, which imposed a 10-year jail sentence for bullying.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to define what constitutes bullying. 
  • Lawyer Michael Bradley reminds us that “part of the difficulty is that the employment relationship is not and can never be an equal one"
  • He goes on to note, "there is an obvious risk that reasonable management action by an employer could be perceived as bullying by an employee who disagrees with the employer’s perception.”
  • One strategy is always to try to avoid making subjective comments.


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