Many people think there is a clear difference between managers and leaders, but Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, the author of this article, thinks otherwise. Jeroen argues that thinking there is a division can actually be harmful for organizations.


This article by Jeroen Kraaijenbrink, writing for Forbes, makes the following points:
  • There really is no difference between leaders and managers—the Great Resignation being the latest evidence of this.
  • The distinction is a complete myth. Insisting on the good leader vs bad manager stereotype has limited value.
  • Creating a good working environment requires a leadership mindset from executives—who are traditionally seen as company leaders.
  • But leadership is also required from managers, who need to provide guidance and leadership to their teams.
  • The distinction between leaders and managers might have had value a century ago.
  • But management has evolved, and today's manager also needs to be a leader.


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