Good time management is good self-management. It is about living life to the fullest and choosing your activities and tasks that align with that purpose; which you define with your goals.This article encourages the reader to set clear goals and replace a traditional ‘to-do’ list with a more effective alternative, leading to better productivity, less stress and potential career advancement.


The author of this article claims that ‘those who don’t have control of their time also don’t have control of their lives.’ But how do you get control? Time management is a phrase we hear often, but how many of us really manage our time effectively? This article succeeds in laying out a simple, but effective process for taking back control of our time. In doing so, we will not just get more done each day; we can also expect other benefits such as an improved professional reputation, enhanced opportunities for advancement and a less-stressful existence. Try this simple method and see for yourself. Also, benefit from the great pointers in the article to help you have a better work and personal life; in particular, note points 7 and 11 under the heading: ‘Mastery through the master list’.


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