Habits and dealing with change positively is something everyone has in common and it takes leadership to help others change.


Two things people all have in common: Habits and needing to deal with change positively to move forward. Some habits are good and some, not so much. Are there bad habits you’d rather see the back end of? Has someone mentioned you have a bad habit at work or home? Either way, acknowledgement there is a better way is the first step to any change. This Psychology Today article provides timeless hacks for acknowledging the need for behaviour change and tips for developing good habits. This is just a kick-start, it’s up to you to seek out inspiration, make changes last, and be persistent to ensure the bad habit doesn’t return. How long does it take to change a habit? The answer is not 21 days. Take a look at the Huffington Post link in the article, the research is interesting. It takes courage to change. It takes leadership to help others change. So go on… take the challenge.