The WW2 German V2 rocket was one of the wonder weapons meant to save Germany—it had little strategic effect and did not affect the outcome of WW2.


This article by Richard Hollingham in BBC Future makes the following points:
  • In autumn 1944, the first V2 ('retaliatory weapon') rocket was launched by Germany from German-occupied Holland against the UK.
  • Germany launched V2s from mobile units, and each V2 rocket was 14 metres high with 900 kg of explosives.
  • A V2 reached 80km above the Earth and had a 190 km range.
  • Five minutes from launch to landing. 
  • A last-ditch German effort to prevent defeat.
  • One of the so-called 'Wonder Weapons' that was supposed to save Germany—but didn't.
  • 1,300+ V2s fired at England and more at Belgium and France.
  • 2,724 British killed
  •  Twenty thousand prisoners were used in the making of the V2.
  • Design engineer Wernher von Braun later worked for the US Army on the Redstone Missile, used to put the first American in space in 1961.
  • WW2 technological innovations accelerated rocket development and the space age.


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