New research shows that alcohol consumption increases the chance of getting cancer, and women are more at risk than men.


In this article, Paige Cockburn discusses new research showing excessive drinking is even more dangerous than initially thought. The article discusses the results of a study published in the British Journal of Cancer claiming that five per cent of Australians who exceed 14 drinks a week will develop cancer. The  article introduces a fictional character named 'Michelle' (whose habits and attitudes are based on common themes identified in research led by Edith Cowan University. The name 'Michelle' is used because women are at greater risk than men of getting alcohol-related cancer. The name is also used to illustrate the point that many women identified in the research considered alcohol consumption as being normal and acceptable. This article points out that less than 30 per cent of people are aware that drinking alcohol can increase your chances of later developing cancer. If you are over 45 and have just one drink per night, your risk of getting cancer increases. Having  four drinks per night increases the risk of getting cancer even more.