This article suggests that new research indicates that there is a better way for people to deal with narcissists by first trying to understand them.


Dr Susan Whitbourne writing about narcissism in the pro-science online magazine Psychology Today, makes the following points:

  • Some narcissists try to hide their feeling of vulnerability by appearing grander and more important than they are.
  • Current knowledge about narcissism might not be accurate.
  • A better understanding of narcissism might help you to understand narcissists better.
  • Narcissism is complex.
  • Some narcissists might have had a challenging childhood.
  • Finding out the true origins of narcissistic behaviour can be helpful.
  • A narcissist might be trying to achieve a superior state of being in which they receive better treatment than anybody else.
  • It is easy to categorise people; sometimes, it is better first to try to understand them.

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