Change is a fact of life, but a major change can see us fall into ‘identity paralysis’—a situation where your sense of ‘self’ fails to keep up with your new role or situation.


This Harvard Business Review article offers five tactical strategies to help people move forward, following positive or negative identity shifts:
  1. Mark a Distinct Break with the Past. Many people describe a key event that helped them make the change.
  2. Craft a Story to Tie the Past and Present. Link your present to your past by crafting a narrative that’s easy to share with others.
  3. Acknowledge Challenging Emotions. Try your best to work through those emotions.
  4. Focus on Non-Work Identities. Focusing on other aspects of your identity can help you get through a difficult transition.
  5. Don’t be Afraid to Fantasize. Research has shown there is great power in imagining a utopian future.


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