Following Ukraine’s sinking of the Russian cruiser Moskva with a pair of Neptune anti-ship missiles, a fierce debate is taking place about the future of platform-centric warfare—and nowhere more so than in the US Marine Corps.


This article by Elliot Ackerman, writing for The Atlantic, makes the following points:

  • In March 2020, a controversial paper, ‘Force Design 2030’, was published. The paper announced a significant restructuring based on the belief that the Marine Corps was not trained or equipped to meet the demands of a ‘rapidly evolving future operating environment’.
  • Most militaries are ‘platform-centric’, but so far in Ukraine, the signature land weapon has been an anti-tank missile, and the signature air weapon has been an anti-aircraft missile.
  • Like most militaries, the American military has been built around platforms. Pivot away from a platform-centric view of warfare is both a cultural and a resource challenge.
  • Many former senior military officers strongly oppose the paper.


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