The so-called ‘Great Resignation’ is in full swing as workers worldwide reassess what they want from life and work—leaders need to understand how they can meet their employees’ expectations.


This article by Mark C. Perna, writing for Forbes, makes the following five suggestions:
  1. The pandemic has changed the way we work. The shared office space is no longer always the physical glue that binds employees together, and employers must adapt to a new hybrid workplace.
  2. Leaders must adjust and strive to compete in the ‘war for talent’.
  3. Employees now want more flexibility in where and when they work.
  4. Companies will start to hire for the right capabilities and outcomes rather than simply filling jobs and roles.
  5. The balance of power in the workplace is moving away from employers to employees—which is why 2022 could be the ‘Year of the Employee’.


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