Old friends are important, but they may not be in our lives forever; when we were young, making friends was relatively easy; but as adults, making and maintaining friendships can be much more difficult for some.


This article by Anastasia Hronis, writing for ABC-Australia, makes the following points:
  • Evidence suggests that chronic loneliness can be lethal.
  • In many countries, loneliness was at epidemic proportions, even before COVID-19.
  • Since COVID-19, loneliness has soared. 
  • Surveys have found that more than half of Australians report experiencing greater loneliness since the start of the pandemic.
  • When researchers interviewed adults about making friends, the most critical challenge cited was a lack of trust.
  • A 'lack of time' was the second-most common reason people gave when asked why they found it hard to make friends as adults.
  • Women were more likely than men to say they didn't make new friends easily.


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