In 2020 China abandoned its long-term grand strategy and instead adopted an aggressive form of nationalism.


Since its formation in 1921, the Chinese Communist Party has had a grand strategy to bring together diplomacy, the military, and the economy for national security. In 2020, this all changed with the introduction of  Wolf Warrior Diplomacy, a strategy which looks very different from China's traditional grand strategy. The main points made in this article are as follows:

  • A belligerent, defensive nationalism that lashes out without heed of consequences is a danger to nearly everybody.
  • The Hong Kong crackdown ignores China's long-term strategy.
  • Wolf warrior diplomacy doesn't seem to have a rational strategic objective.
  • China has squandered all the advantages it could have won in 2020 as the United States went through a period of political chaos. 
  • The United States needs to focus on its vital interests.
  • The QUAD and the US Defence budget are now focused on China.
  • Strong statements against China run the risk of escalating disputes.
  • There is still a chance of an internal change within China, which might result in a change in China's grand strategy.