Women are a vital component in the whole of nation approach required for Australian security.



Women are a force multiplier. The author makes the following points:

  • Modern warfare is not just about combat. 
  • More than physical strength is needed to operate on a smart battlefield using drones and asymmetrical warfare.
  • Female engagement and cultural support teamsgender field advisors and focal points add to battlefield effectiveness. 
  • Women soldiers are needed for helping female ex-combatants reintegrate into civilian life, interview gender-based violence survivors, mentor female cadets, interact with women in societies where women are prohibited from speaking to men and serve as role models.
  • A warrior could be involved in stability and peace support operations, community and key leader engagement, cyber warfare and intelligence.
  • The three critical components of leadership, character, competence and courage, aren’t gender-specific.
  • Current leadership models favour males leading to a narrower set of leadership skills.