As a result of sanctions against Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin authorized the seizure of hundreds of Western-built aircraft leased and operated by Russian airlines.


This article by Eric Tegler, writing for Forbes, makes the following points:
  • Russian companies have 650 Western-built aircraft on lease, of which 487 are non-Russian owned. 
  • These aircraft were either operating in Russia or returned there from abroad shortly after sanctions came into force.
  • European sanctions require lessors to cancel their leases with Russian airlines by March 28, giving Western lessors a short window to repossess their planes.
  • Russia's maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities are well established, and Russia can train aviation technicians.
  • Some analysts, but not all, believe the Russian-seized airliners should be able to fly for the next six months—possibly even a year—assuming sanctions remain in place that long.


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