The Strategist argues that the Australian government must prioritise resilience and preparedness policies to tackle its security challenges.


Glenn Brown and John Coyne writing in the Strategist,about the Australian Defence Strategic Review 2023 note the following:

  • Conflict is now more likely in Australia than in several decades.
  • Australia can no longer rely on ten years' warning of a conflict.
  • The preparedness and resilience of northern bases is crucial.
  • A more holistic approach to resilience is needed, including: 
    • Transport infrastructure.
    • Supply chains.
    • IT connectivity.
    • Cyber hardening.
    •  Water and food sourcing.
    • Other civil defence capabilities.
  • Government must engage with the private sector at the federal, state, and territory levels.
  • Focus on creating a scalable industry base.
  • Deliver capability faster.
  • Work with a range of public and private stakeholders to tackle the challenge.



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